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Teen Department 

Welcome to Ridgefield Park Public Library's Teen Department! Here you can find out about upcoming programming, events, new books, helpful online resources and so much more. If you have any suggestions on how we can improve the teen department from programming to new books please let us know by e-mail or just dropping by! We are always happy to see you! 

Young Adult Section Code of Conduct


Young Adults (Grades 7-12) are allowed to come to the library without the presence of an adult. The Young Adult section is part of the Adult area of the library, and is open to 7th Grade and above (6th Grade and Under may use the Children's Area). However, there are 3 Core Rules that Young Adults are expected to follow in order to maintain enjoyment of the library space:

Respect the Patrons -- we are not a "shushing library". However, all library patrons can expect a welcoming environment. In order to maintain this, YAs are expected to refrain from offensive, harmful, or extremely loud language; refrain from insulting and bullying one another; refrain from any physical action that may upset, harm or distract other library patrons. Yelling, throwing, or running across the library is unacceptable.

Respect the Space -- YAs are not allowed to leave any garbage behind when they have completed their time at the library. All garbage in an area must be cleaned before leaving the building. Exiting and entering the building constantly is discouraged. Only 4 chairs are allowed per table. If space is being taken up from a YA who is not working or partaking in library activities, they may be asked to free the space for other library patrons.

Respect the Librarians -- librarians are here to assist YAs with their work, and to provide enrichment through library programs, volunteering opportunities, resources and reading materials. Harassment of a staff member (including insulting, name-calling, or back-talk) is not acceptable.


A general, easy way to remember these rules: if it is not acceptable in school, it is not acceptable in the library. Failure to adhere to these rules may result in expulsion from the library, or, if necessary, a revoking of library privileges for a period of time as determined by the Library Director. Sometimes, parents of YAs causing disturbances may be called to be notified of their behavior. If a parent cannot be notified, and the behavior persists, then the police department maybe called.

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