Public libraries in New Jersey are administered by Boards of Trustees appointed by the Mayor of the municipality. The Board of Trustees of the Ridgefield Park Library meets on the fourth Wednesday of each month at 7:00 p.m. at the Library except in July, August, and December. The public is welcome to attend.

Sheila Sienicki, President

Donna La Tour, Vice President

Marsha Rosen, Secretary

George Gosen, Treasurer

John Anlian, Mayor

Dyan Thiemann, "Principal of Roosevelt Elementary School, ’ & Representative for RFPK Library

Anabelle Forte, Trustee

Nancy Dietrich, Trustee



Omar Khan (

Administrative Services:

Karen Harris (

Head of Children's Services:

Deborah Fagnan (

Children's Assistant

Ariel Barreras (

Young Adult and Reference Librarian:

Hayley Van Hoek (

Office Manager and Head of Circulation:

Carol Velez (

Circulation Assistants:

Margaret Kowalchuk

Tammy Laverty

Maggie Kane

Dylan Moylan

Eros Ramos

Steven Mancilla

Briana Portorreal


Geninah Intoy

Rodney Lopez

Local History Coordinator:

Donna Rose-McEntee (


Tom McGee