Click on the button to alert us of any assignments that we could provide your students with print or non-print resources. We will be happy to reserve fiction and non-fiction books for your projects and activities. If you need other resources such as websites, we will be happy to hot link age appropriate websites on a pathfinder located on our website. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Ms. Ariel @


Even when schools are closed, you can keep the learning going with these special cross-curricular journeys. Every day includes four separate learning experiences, each built around a thrilling, meaningful story or video. Kids can do them on their own, with their families, or with their teachers. Just find your grade level and let the learning begin!

Get Ready to Read! is a service of the National Center for Learning Disabilities.  The website is designed to support educators, parents, and young children in the development of early literacy skills before entering kindergarten.

A great  site to help teach  digital literacy skills.   Available in Spanish and English, children can use the tutorials to learn computer skills.   Click here and away you go!

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NJPAC, is the anchor cultural institution for the city of Newark and the state of New Jersey.  It is a nonprofit arts organization.  NJPAC Teaching Artist Wincey Terry has provided free readings of children's books called “Books on the Move”. These videos are read by teaching artists and integrate early learning curriculum and interactive activities . We thank NJPAC for allowing us to  freely use and promote them to our community.

How much screen time is okay?

"American Academy of Pediatrics Announces New Recommendations for Children's Media Use

Digital Media & Learning Resources:  Fred Rogers Center

Free Resources:  Teaching elections and civics.

iCivics:  Curriculum units and lesson plans on topics including citizenship and participation, the electoral process, voting by mail, and primaries, parties, caucuses, and conventions.

Library of Congress:  Elections the American Way:  (Grades 5 - 12th grade).  Provides information about the election process, right to vote, and past presidential campaigns.

Center for Civic Education:  Offers lesson plans on voting and presidential elections.  (K - 12 grade).

The Anti-Defamation League:  Election resources including a social justice approach to teaching about elections,  a guide to debate watching, strategies for handling difficult topics and conversations, and teaching about the inauguration.  (Grades 6 - 12)

The National Education Association:  (PK - 12th grade).  Lessons, activities and resources.

PebbleGo Vote:  (Goes live in September).  (K-2nd grade).  Lessons about democracy and voting and a platform for students to vote for President in a mock election that begins in October 2020.

Scholastic Elections:  (PK -10th grade).  Activities, information, lesson plans, and book recommendations for topics including campaigning, mock elections, and news literacy.

PBS Learning Media Election Central:  A great tool to help teachers and students keep up with election news and learn the history and process of presidential elections, with videos, activities and lesson plans.

Tech Tools

Adobe Spark:  This tool lets students create and share visual content on a browser.  It is great for getting kids to easily create graphics, video, and audio, and mix that content with text to generate stories.
Anchor:  Creating podcasts is a great way for kids to create their own book reviews or a device for storytelling.  
Book Creator:  A great app to bring creativity to a classroom.  Kids PK - high school, can make ebooks and audiobooks.  They can even upload their own illustrations. 
Glogster:  A multimedia poster that kids can use to present their research.
Tour Builder:  A new edition to Google Earth.  Kids can pick locations and add photos, text, and video to a map and then share their tours.
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