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Our Special Needs summer reading program is a way that helps avoid that "summer slide".  We all know that finding ways to get our children to read over the summer is key. It doesn't matter what you read or how you read it (listening to audio books, eReading, shared reading or even watching a "book"), reading is reading!  This program is simple!

Kids will get a Libraries Rock Summer Reading Kit and directions to Beanstack, our online Summer Reading program created for our Special Needs Kids.  Logging books has never been easier with Beanstack.  Every "5" books child listens to, reads or"watches", will earn them badges. These badges earns kids prizes, raffle tickets, stickers and other fun things throughout the summer.  You will get notified through email, or text when your child has earned a badge.  All you have to come in and allow your child collect their prize.


In addition, there are three Summer Reading Kickoff programs for all our summer readers. Some of the programs get a little loud, so please talk to Miss Debbie for more information or  Click here to learn about them.


Programs specially designed for our special needs kids!                

Children who attend these programs also get badges for prizes because these programs are designed around books.


 Sensory Garden:  Children will listen to a story around the theme of gardening and then take a walk around the back of the library to our Sensory Garden.  Children will enjoy watering the flowers, weeding or just enjoying time in the garden.  Friday's from 10:00am - 10:30am.  Registration is required.  See calendar for dates.



 Sensory Storytime:  Join us Monday nights for our Sensory Storytime @ 6:30 p.m. - 7:00 p.m.  We sing, listen to a story and enjoy Go Noodle!  Registration is required, see  our online calendar for dates.

Movie Matinee:  Join us for special movie events just for you. The movies are based on books. Another way to help fight that "summer slide". Click here for the calendar of events.  

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