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Library Card Policy:
Library cards that are accepted at Ridgefield Park Library as well as at all libraries that belong to BCCLS are issued free of charge once the following requirements have been met:
Adults (over 18 years of age) - must prove their residency in Ridgefield Park by producing an unexpired driver's license with their Ridgefield Park street address or must produce a utility bill (water, gas, electric, phone, cable) in their name and containing their current Ridgefield Park street address.
Children must be accompanied by an adult parent/guardian who is able to demonstrate residency by producing one of the documents listed above.  Ridgefield Park public school children whose residency cannot be demonstrated through the accompanying adult's identification can be verified through the public school system but such verification cannot be accomplished immediately and there will be a delay in issuing a library card.
In case where the applicant has no acceptable form of identification but can show a letter addressed to them at a Ridgefield Park address or a Bergen County identification card, or cannot provide a telephone number at which he/she can be reached, a courtesy card that can be used only at the Ridgefield Park library will be issued.
In cases where the applicant provides a letter from a Ridgefield Park business stating that the applicant is employed in Ridgefield Park, a courtesy card that can be used only at Ridgefield Park Library will be issued.
​The Library Director may institute additional regulations as deemed necessary for later ratification by the Board of Trustees.
Internet Policy:

All members of the public are welcome to access the Internet at the library, either using the library’s public computers or via the library’s wireless network.


A parent or adult caregiver must accompany those under 7 years of age while accessing the internet.  Students in grades 7 and above must use the internet stations in the adult library, while students below grade 7 are to use the internet stations in the children’s library. Adults may only use the internet stations in the adult library.


All users of the library’s public computers, and any accompanying parents or adult caregivers, are required to sign in and out on the library’s internet log sheet before accessing any computer


Because the Mildred Olson Wing is the only quiet study area in the library, the computers in that wing cannot be used as teaching devices, nor can they be shared.  Each station may be occupied by only one person. Teens needing to work together may use the internet station located in the young adult section, and adults needing to work together may use the internet station in the adult reading room. Those using the public computers as listening stations must wear ear phones and must keep the volume at a reasonable level.


Sessions are limited to 30 minutes each.  Sessions can be extended if no other person is waiting to use the computer.  Those who have already used the internet and wish to use it again may do so until such time as someone who has not used it that day arrives.  Repeat sessions may or may not be 30 minutes in length depending upon whether others are waiting. The staff member on duty is the final authority on length and frequency of daily use.  When staff is informed in advance that a member is taking an online examination or completing an online job application, every effort will be made to allow that member additional time on an Internet session.


10 cents will be charged for each black and white page printed. 35 cents will be charged for each color page printed.


Reservations for internet use will not be accepted, except for those who are taking online examinations.  Access to the library’s computers is on a first come, first served basis only.


Library staff members are available to assist with brief questions, but it is assumed that those who wish to use the internet know how to access it on their own. Those needing help in learning to accomplish their work on a personal computer should register for one of the library’s computer workshops.  If a member of the public resists registering for the internet workshop and continuously is in need of extensive help at the computer, the director of the library may limit the amount of staff assistance that person receives.  Staff members cannot complete job applications or provide any assistance other than technical assistance to those who are completing online examinations.


Users shall not under any circumstances access any websites containing pornographic content, nor shall they access any site that displays images that may be disturbing or offensive to other library users.  Those doing so will be directed to terminate their session and, if such behavior persists, will no longer be able to use the library’s internet stations.  As dictated by law, anyone who is found to be displaying child pornography will be immediately reported to the Ridgefield Park Police Department.     


The Library Director may suspend the internet privileges of any user who creates a disturbance during his/her session or fails to use the equipment properly, as well as to institute additional regulations as deemed necessary for later ratification by the Library Board of Trustees.

Collection Development Policy:

This Collection Development statement supports the Library in its mission and defines the purpose and objectives of the Library collection, and it gives direction to their growth and development.

The Library is a forum for all points of view on current and historical issues and adheres to the principles of intellectual freedom as expressed in the Library Bill of Rights and contained within the Freedom to Read and Freedom to View Principles adopted by the American Library Association (ALA). It is the goal of the Ridgefield Park Public Library to make available to its readers materials that reflect the diverse, multiethnic, and multilingual communities served by its collection.

The Library opposes any attempts by individuals or groups of individuals to censor materials selected for its collections. Further, the Library's decision to acquire or remove materials from its collections will not be determined by partisan or doctrinal points of view. It is the Library's goal to offer the widest diversity of views and expressions, including those which may be unorthodox or unpopular with the majority or controversial in nature. The Library's decision to acquire material does not constitute endorsement of the material's content. Customers are free to challenge the presence of material in any collection and may request in writing reconsideration of the appropriateness of the item in question. The Library does not support or subscribe to any system of industry coding, rating, or labeling.

The Library provides free access to all materials, in print, non-print, and electronic formats, to all customers who are free to select or reject any item for their personal use. Responsibility for a child's use of library materials, regardless of format or content, lies with the parent or guardian, not the Library.

Our collection includes general and special interest and reference collections for all age groups: children, young adults, college students, adults and senior adults, in languages which represent the ethno-linguistic character of the local community. It is the Library's intention that the collection addresses the individual needs and interests of its immediate community and, to the degree possible, reflect the diversity of the entire Village.

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