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Message from the President of the Board of Trustees

To the Residents of Ridgefield Park,

The Trustees of the Public Library of the Village of Ridgefield Park adopted (June 25, 2013) and are pleased to present to the citizens of Ridgefield Park the Strategic Plan for the Ridgefield Park Public Library 2013-2017. The Plan is the result of considerable input from the Strategic Planning Committee, the Library Board of Trustees, Library staff, and the community. We thank all who participated in this project by either serving on the Strategic Planning Committee, participating in focus groups, or completing survey forms.

The Ridgefield Park Public Library is an important Village asset, with special responsibilities to our entire community. It is the place where our younger children discover the world of books and learning, where our teens can find help for their challenging school projects, where our adults can find their favorite authors, and where job seekers can find the resources they need.

The Ridgefield Park Public Library has responded to the changing needs of our community. Recent challenges include the increasing digitization of information and other materials, the expanding populations of older people and new immigrants, and the recent financial recession. Based on comments by the community, the Strategic Plan focuses on customer-based, convenient services and programs, with a particular eye to the changing technology. The Ridgefield Park Public Library Strategic Plan will be an essential tool used by the Board of Trustees and Library staff to meet those challenges.

Throughout the years, at the core of the Ridgefield Park Public Library have been its dedicated staff; its Trustees; Friends of the Library, and many other generous volunteers and donors; and all of its users. We encourage you to read the plan, and we look forward to working with all of you as we implement the plan for the Library.


Philip J. McEntee

President, Library Board of Trustees

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