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The Children's Department

Five children sitting on a bench.  Each of the is reading a book.

Welcome to the children’s department where our goal is to provide a safe, inviting space for children from babies through sixth grade to explore everything the library has to offer.  We strive to offer something for everyone and have board books, picture books, easy readers,  fiction and non-fiction books that cover a wide range of interests. Magazines,  eBooks, music CDs, books in Spanish and Korean and the very popular and growing shelf of video games  available for borrowing.  If your child would like to learn another language, we have materials available to assist them including the popular Muzzy brand.  A great way help your child become a lifelong reader is to use the library, take books home and let the child see that it is important to you.  A  wide range of entertainment and educational DVD’s are available but require an adult card for borrowing.



Children 8 years old or older are allowed to use the internet and personal computers in the children’s department for school work, exploring their hobbies and interests, or just to have fun.  We also have an AWE Early Literacy Station, available in English and Spanish, in our Early Literacy Room designed specifically for your youngest members. This room is specially designed for children 7 years and under and must be accompanied by an adult/caretaker or a tween eleven years or older. Our Video Area is recommended for children over the age of 8.  However, parents or caregivers are welcome to play with our young patrons together.


Safe Child Policy

Above all else we want to make sure that we have done everything we can to make the library a safe place for everyone.  We can’t do this alone or without some basic rules.  Children under 7 may not be alone in the library but must be accompanied by a parent or caregiver.  Every child should have necessary phone numbers memorized and should plan ahead to be picked up if required. The library staff cannot be responsible for children left unattended especially after school when they frequently go in and out of the building.  We do not require the children to be quiet and we actually enjoy their liveliness after school but of course this is not the place for running, jumping or other  outdoor activities.  The staff will give warnings regarding inappropriate behavior but if the behavior continues the children will be asked to leave.

The library is not responsible for children after closing time. Parents/caregivers are responsible for being aware of the library’s hours of operations and also must keep in mind that there are unforeseen circumstances which force the library to close unexpectedly.  Children must know what to do in advance should this occur.

Children's Section Code of Conduct

The Children's Department is for children ages infant - 6th grade or 11 years old.  7th grade, 12 years old and over must use the teen/adult rooms.

A parent/guardian, or responsible caregiver, or older sibling (ages 11 and over) must accompany children under the age of 8 years old for their safety and comfort while using the library.

No child under the age of 8 may use the computers in the children's department. There are special computers in the Early Literacy Room for children 7 years and under.

Children ages 8 and over can sign up for a computer or game area for 1/2 hour sessions.

The Early Literacy Room is for children 7 years old or younger and must be supervised by an adult or tween (ages 11 or over).

Food and drink is only allowed in designated "Snack" tables.

Children are to use "inside" voices while in the children's department.

Children or adults are not permitted to take photos of any type while in the library.

Children and/or adults are expected to clean up after themselves and putting away any "Makerspace" supplies.

Cellphones are to be used only in the designated "Snack" areas.

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