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Ridgefield Park Public Library’s Goodreads Review Program


Write a review for any book you read – we’ll post it on our Goodreads account and you’ll earn 2 hours of volunteer time! You can earn up to 8 hours (4 books/reviews) in total.


Please read the guidelines below and submit your Goodreads review using this link.

Which books can I review?

You can review any book you would like -- fiction, nonfiction, graphic novels, manga, etc. You can also read books that are required for school assignments and summer reading. However, we can only accept and publish one review per item so please check our Goodreads page to see if the book you would like to read has already been reviewed. You cannot reserve titles ahead of time.

How many books can I review?

You can review up to 4 books in total for 8 hours of volunteer service.


How many volunteer hours will I get for a review?


You will receive 2 volunteer hours -- 1 hour for reading the book, and 1 hour for writing the review.


How long should my review be?


Please keep your review between 200 and 400 words. Remember, a review is not just a summary of the book -- it includes an evaluation of the elements of the book (e.x. pacing, character development, style, mood, or use of images in non-fiction materials, etc.). Please specify whether or not you would recommend this book to someone else. It’s okay if you didn’t enjoy the book, but let us know why! Please do not include any spoilers in your review.


Will you proofread my review?


Submitted reviews will not be edited so if substantial edits are needed it will be returned for re-submission. However, we may make suggestions for technical improvements. All reviews must be written by the student who is submitting it.


Plagiarized reviews will be rejected without credit.

Where can I find examples of reviews?

There are many places where you can look for examples of reviews. Kirkus and Publisher’s Weekly are a great starting point. Checking out our Goodreads page will also help you brainstorm ideas for your reviews.

What happens after I write my review?

Once you’ve written your review, you will submit it to our teen librarian. Once the review is looked over for any issues, it will be published on the library’s Goodreads page and you will receive a confirmation email that you have received 2 hours of volunteer time for your review. There is no limit to how many reviews you can submit, but you may only submit one review per week. Although the form asks for your first and last name, we will only publish the review with your first name and grade. If you do not want your name included and would like to publish an anonymous review, click the appropriate response on our online form.

If you need a form signed for volunteer hours, please stop in the library and see the teen librarian, Hayley, and show her your confirmation email.

Other Guidelines:

We will not rush review responses and the awarding of volunteer time.

To make sure you receive hours prior to deadlines you are trying to meet, submit your reviews two weeks ahead of time so we can vet them and post them to Goodreads.

Again, if you need a form signed for volunteer hours, please stop in the library and see the teen librarian, Hayley, and show her your confirmation email. She’ll then sign your form for you.

You may post 1 review per week and up to 4 reviews in total for 8 hours of volunteer time.

We do not have unlimited resources to devote to vetting and posting. Individuals may send only one review per week. If you send more than 1 review per week, only the first one submitted will be selected.

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