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ESL Classes @ Ridgefield Park Library


ESL Conversation Classes


Talk with native speakers and other language learners about current events, travel, money, family, holidays and much more. For adults 16 years old or older. This program is provided in partnership with the Friends of Ridgefield Park Public Library.  Classes start in April 2019!

Practica inglés con otras personas que también están aprendiendo el idioma.  Hable sobre eventos actuales, viajes, dinero, familia, vacaciones y mucho más. Para adultos mayores de 16 años. Este programa se proporciona en colaboración con los Amigos de Ridgefield Park Public Library.

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great resources for Ridgefield Park patrons!   

Is English your second language?  Would you like to become more fluent in English?  Come to our library and meet other people who are practicing English.  Class run September - June.  Registration is required. Limited space.

Tuesday @ 10:00 - 10:30 a.m.  (Basic ESL)

Wednesday @ 7:00 - 8:00 p.m.  (Basic ESL )  6 week session.  (Beginners)

Wednesday @ 7:00 - 8:00 p.m. (Basic ESL)   6 week session. (Advanced)


See calendar for dates and time.

¿Es el inglés tu segundo idioma? ¿Te gustaría ser más fluido en inglés? Ven a nuestra biblioteca y conoce a otras personas que practican inglés.  Este programa requiere inscripción.  Los lunes a las 11am, 6p.m. Y los martes a las 10a.m.


Por favor de chequear el calendario para más fechas y horarios o cualquier cambio de calendario.


To volunteer as a tutor, for our ESL program, please fill out the form below:


Thank-you for taking the first step in becoming an ESL volunteer at Ridgefield Park Public Library. You will be contacted within one week with more information.

Ridgefield Park Public library is proud to announce its membership with ProLiteracy.

Teaching adults to read.

Inspiring the world to change (Proliteracy, 2018).

"ProLiteracy is a national nonprofit with the mission to create a world where every adult can read and write. It promotes adult literacy through development of content, programs, and advocacy through its 1,000 member programs across the country. Adult literacy programs bring a powerful return on investment, impacting the lives of adult learners, their families, and communities. Literacy changes lives" (Proliteracy, 2018). 

To find out more information about Proliteracy click here!

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