Welcome to Teen Crafts!

Each week we'll have different craft kits available for teens. Please note, these are available for grades 7th-12th and are in a limited supply. Only one kit per teen is allowed and you must register for your kit! All kits include materials and instructions on how to put the craft together. Call 201-641-0689, email rfpkcirc@bccls.org, or head to our website! You can also watch our demonstration videos! Don't forget to email photos of your finished  crafts to rfpkcirc@bccls.org to be featured on our  Instagram page!

Valentine's Day Bookmarks

Red Happy Valentines Day Instagram Post (2).png

Register for this take-home kit and make your own Valentine's Day bookmarks to use with the books you love. Keep them for yourself or give one to someone you love! *Only available while supplies last*

Each kit includes:


  • stickers

  • a YA book checked out to you

*For grades 7th-12th​*

Previous crafts:

Chalkboard Flower Pots:

Flower Pots.png

DIY Chalkboard Flower pots! Decorate your mini flower pot for spring and plant the beautiful flower seeds! *Only available while supplies last*  

Each kit includes:

  • 1 mini chalkboard flower pot

  • 1 piece of chalk

  • 1 package of seeds

  • 1 baggy of potting soil

*For grades 7th-12th​*

Geometric Tape Paintings
Geometric Painting.png